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Expert Cabling & Bracing: Strengthening Mobile’s Trees!

Improving the health and vitality of Mobile’s trees is out number one concern, which makes us work harder every day to find new and better solutions to your tree care needs. Our tree service experts offer a tree service technique called cabling and bracing to strengthen the integrity of weakened or immature trees. The steel cabling and wire offers direct support to weak or split crotches to reduce twisting and additional strain on Mobile’s tree stems. With years of experience in using this technique, our tree pros effectively reduce stress damage that occurs from high winds and prevent damages that require tree removal.

Our tree service experts are very proud to offer this unique process to Mobile residents, especially to commercial properties and high-traffic areas such as schools, parks, and college campus grounds. The added strength that the cables and rods provide to trees with weak root systems prevents any untimely and dangerous collapse. Any tree-lined pathways that incur heavy foot-traffic should be evaluated to make sure these trees are strong and do not have any growth defects or decay. Calling our tree service experts to identify these potentially hazardous defects can prevent property damage – and worse, personal damage – with the simple application of cables and braces.

What to Expect from Mobile’s Cabling & Bracing Experts

When you need tree services to improve the healthy growth of your Mobile trees, don’t hesitate to call the best! Our tree experts have years of know-how to bring you innovative ways of preserving the beloved trees of Alabama. We want you to feel safe and confident that the natural giants that you walk amongst are strong and secure. And regular maintenance and preventative measures go a long way to ensuring your trees’ health. Our tree services pros are trained to identify defects that exist in a tree’s crown or stem, which ultimately lead to the longevity of that tree. Installing cables and braces does not harm your trees and helps support them even if they weren’t planted correctly or started to grow with slight defects. In fact, our support systems prevent us from having to remove trees that are too weak to deem as safe.

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If you are interested to know more about our cabling and bracing tree services, contact our Mobile office today! We’ll be happy to answer and questions or concerns you may have about the process, and schedule a free estimate of our services at your earliest convenience. Remember, our tree experts have years of experience to identify defects that may not be detected by amateurs. Our preventative measures are an example of the level of customer care we offer that is unmatched by our competitors. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate by filling out the form on our website, emailing us at, or calling us at (251) 219-0889.


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