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Safety Matters: Why Amateur Tree Services Aren’t Worth the Risk

When it comes to providing tree services, safety is more important than many people realize. Trees are beautiful creatures, but they’re also extremely dangerous if not treated with the proper respect, tools, and techniques. It’s a little known fact that the tree service industry is one of the most dangerous in America, regularly reaching serious accident rates that are all too high. The reason for this disturbing fact is a simple one that all too many Americans have forgotten: trees are dangerous. Fully-grown trees are capable of crushing hardened machinery in a single blow, so you can imagine what they’re capable of doing to a person. Then there are the risks associated with using high-powered machinery, working far above ground, and handling power lines. All in all, this is not a line of work we recommend for anyone short of an expert. Even our own specialists, with all their years of experience, refuse to work on trees without full professional safety gear, expertly maintained tools, and emergency back up. They don’t insist on these things because they like to worry, they do so because they’ve seen what happens when exact tree care standards are not maintained.

Mobile, Alabama’s Safe Choice for Tree Care Services

Our tree service maintains some of the strictest safety standards in the Alabama tree care industry. We employ only the most experienced tree professionals Mobile has to offer, and even these candidates must endure a rigorous apprenticeship before working without supervision. By the time our tree service professionals get out on the field, they can honestly call themselves experts. But no matter how high-ranking or expert one of our technicians are, they’ll still never be allowed work alone or without proper protection.

These efforts not only ensure the safety of our employees, they also mean that the property damage associated with accidents is avoided. When you work with our experts, you’ll never have to worry about your car, home, or business being damaged through carelessness. Even in the unlikely event of a mistake or emergency, our tree service professionals are all fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. You’ll never have to worry about risky tree services or liabilities when you employ our experts.

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If you want to take the risk out of tree services, contact our Mobile office today! One of our tree experts will be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as provide a free estimate. Our professionals are proud to operate in communities across greater Mobile, including Mobile County, Daphne, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort. Remember, we can perform even the most dangerous tree services, like tree removal and emergency tree care, with a safety and efficiency few can match! So why not contact us and see what our professionals can do for you?


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