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If there’s a tree service Mobile residents need most, it’s proper tree preparation for the seasonal storms that slam against Alabama’s shore. Bringing in heavy winds and powerful rains, Mobile’s trees undergo severe weather that can cause them to weaken and collapse. To preserve our communities beloved trees, our tree experts offer storm preparation services to protect trees from devastating weather conditions. Our tree pros perform an array of tree services to strengthen the structural integrity of taller trees to avoid splitting or limb failure, stem failure, root failure or crown twist that are likely to happen in high winds and driving rain.

Our professional storm preparation techniques are a unique set of services that we are proud to offer to our Mobile residents. As witnesses ourselves to the destructive forces of heavy winds, we know exactly how to ensure our community’s trees have the best chance of surviving severe storms. Here are just a few services we provide to protect your trees from severe storm damage:

  • Crown Lifting, thinning, reduction– Thinning the crown, or the tops of trees, through specialized pruning allows the tree to support itself more effectively, promoting long-term health and structural integrity. Our experts love using this service on overgrown and mature trees to prevent the collapse of larger trees that sustain devastating damage to your property.
  • Dead Wooding– Removing broken, dead, or decaying limbs from a Mobile’s trees improves the health and vitality of the tree, allowing it to overcome challenging weather and prevents the trunk from weakening and collapsing.
  • Support Systems– Tree cabling and bracing helps prevent trees with weak root systems or heavy limbs from untimely or dangerous collapse. Our tree experts use steel wire or rope to secure limb and limit their movement until the tree has regained its strength. Cabling and bracing is useful in areas of high-traffic such as commercial areas like Mobile’s schools and parks.
  • Lightning Protection– Our unique lightning protection service is like nothing other companies offer. Though we can do our best to strengthen tree stems and crowns, lightning is an uncontrollable force of nature that can’t e prevented. However, our tree pros can help reduce tree damage by channeling lightning’s electricity to the ground by installing a series of rods and cables in the tree’s crown. This process has prevented untold amounts of property damage among Mobile’s residents!
  • Tree Topping– This is a procedure our tree professionals do not condone, nor think of as an effective method of storm preparation. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Tree topping is the arbitrary cutting of tree branches that leave trees looking more like tall stumps. Tree topping anywhere from 50% to 100% of the tree’s crown, leaving it unable to support itself under high winds, starving the remaining branches, and inviting disease an insect destruction.

Why Your Mobile Property Needs Storm Preparation Experts

Just as you prepare your home for extreme weather conditions, our Mobile tree experts feel it is just as important to prepare your trees from the onslaught of devastating storm damage. Having our tree pros evaluate your trees for strength and storm resistance is one of the best things you can do to prevent severe damage to your property. Our experience, precision tools and professional techniques have proven successful in preparing Mobile’s trees for seasonal storms in the past years and we are confident you will agree! Waiting until the storm has passed with your fingers crossed is a life-threatening risk that is easily prevented by having our tree experts survey your trees. We can quickly and effectively apply any number of storm preparation tree services to prevent the collapse of Mobile’s precious trees and protect your property from unnecessary damage.

Luckily, when you work with our experts you never have to worry about whether our efforts really pay off! There’s a reason we’re Mobile’s most-trusted storm preparation experts, and it’s our commitment to superior results and expert craftsmanship that have our clients raving. If there’s any way to prevent damage to our community’s trees, our Mobile tree experts have found a solution and work hard to ensure the safety and vitality of our precious trees, not to mention your property!

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If you need storm preparation services for your trees, call our Mobile experts today! We’ll be happy to schedule a free on-site estimate to evaluate the trees that need our help and those that may just need some strength endurance. We suggest you be proactive about your trees’ health and not wait until the beginning of storm season to prepare your property. Call today to schedule your free estimate and we’ll send our quality tree experts out to start the preparation process. We can quickly trim trees to improve their strength before storm season, remove dead of decayed limbs to prevent their untimely collapse, or install cables or braces to strengthen weakened tree roots. Don’t delay, call Mobile’s best storm preparation experts today and give your trees a fighting chance against severe storms!

Contact our Mobile office today for more information on any of our many services! We proudly cater to residential and commercial properties across Alabama, including Mobile County, Daphne, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort.


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