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Why Amateur Tree Plantings Just Aren’t Worth It!

Tree planting may seem like a simple task that you wouldn’t need an expert’s help with, but it actually requires a surprising amount of expert knowledge. An improper tree planting can result in a range of unfortunate consequences, including early demise and removal. After all, we’ve all seen the sad results of poorly planted trees in Mobile. Overgrown trees fighting for space, growing into power lines, and blocking windows are far too common a sight in our fair city. Then there are these overgrown trees’ pitiful friends, the poor stunted trees that were never given the right growth environment and end up looking like shrubs. The sad truth is that most of these trees will end up dying prematurely or have to be removed, effectively adding yet another tally to the victims of amateur tree planting.

Trees Planted by Our Mobile, AL Experts Are Sure to Thrive

For all that amateur tree planting can sabotage your arbor’s prospects, an expert planting can virtually guarantee a fabulous start to life. Our tree service professionals are Alabama natives who understand the unique needs of our trees, as well as the special requirements of Mobile’s soil, terrain, and weather. We know exactly what all local tree species need to thrive, as well as the requirements of many exotics. And if for some reason we don’t already know the best way to ensure your rare tree’s future, we won’t start planting until we’ve learned all there is to know about it. After all, it’s our job to make sure your trees are planted right, no matter what! We’ll also be happy to provide any maintenance your tree might need throughout its life, from expert pruning, to protective sprayings, and storm preparation!

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If you have trees that need planting, contact our Mobile office at any time. Our experts regularly plant trees for all kinds of commercial or residential properties. We’re sure our experts will be able to put together a service plan and estimate you’ll be thrilled with, and don’t forget that our estimates are 100% free! Our tree service experts can be found planting trees in communities across greater Mobile, including Mobile County, Daphne, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort.


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