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Tree Pruning: The Secret to Tree Longevity and Beauty

Trees are blessedly low maintenance most of the year, but they do require a certain amount of annual or semi-annual care. Of all the forms of maintenance a tree can receive, an expert tree trimming is perhaps the most important. An expert pruning does more than keep trees beautiful and shapely, it actively improves their health and vitality.

A professional pruning doesn’t hurt trees, it only helps them. The stub cuts, flush cuts, and stripped bark that gives tree trimming a bad name doesn’t happen when our experts are on the job. When our professionals are done your trees will look healthy, not butchered. Your trees will also be more resistant to storm damage, disease, and infestation. As an added bonus, their renewed beauty will also make your commercial or residential property the envy of Mobile.

What to Expect from our Mobile, AL Tree Trimming Experts

When our Mobile tree experts trim a tree, they aren’t just hacking away at random. They’re making expert decisions on the best way to ensure your trees’ future wellbeing. The first thing we do when we arrive on a site is remove any debris that has accumulated in or around your trees. Debris is not only a major cause of storm damage, is also gives tree diseases a place to thrive and hides open wounds. After your trees are completely clear of refuse, our experts will examine them for any previously hidden signs of infection or weakness. If we locate any such problem areas, we’ll recommend treatment options and adjust the tree trimming process accordingly. Our experts will then continue pruning your trees, selectively thinning branches to shape your trees and increase airflow. The end result will be trees with greater flexibility, increased ability to receive light, and heightened resistance to storm damage. Their renewed shaping will also ensure your trees will continue to develop in the handsomest way possible.

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